July 24, 2018

by Rene Proske, CEO, Proske

Increase quality, minimize costs, enhance visibility and mitigate risk with Strategic Meetings Management (SMM).

What is SMM?

Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) is a strategic company-wide program which structures meetings and events so that you can increase transparency, capture spend, have clear reporting, manage suppliers, standardize procedures and conform with company and industry compliance.

It’s a tailor-made solution, crafted around your specific needs and the environment and aligned with your company’s strategy.

Why use a SMM program (SMMP)?

Our company’s meetings have been working…kind of.

Does this line resonate with you and your company? If so, you could benefit from the use of a SMMP program to ensure:

  • Transparency of meeting spend
  • Unified purchasing processes
  • Standardized processes and event delivery
  • ROI
  • Meeting automation
  • Meeting compliance and transparency
  • Standardized meeting evaluation in terms of spend, attendee satisfaction and KPI delivery
  • Insight into big data and analytics for smarter decision making

Steps to develop a SMMP

You have decided to make your meetings and events more efficient and are considering SMMP as a possible solution but you want to know what it really is and what it honestly involves.

  • Data gathering & analysis: Collect your company’s data to discover the total meeting spend that you have as an organization.
  • Make a plan and design a process: Set objectives and make a plan. Define all the interactions between involved parties (internal stakeholders, budget owners, purchasing department and external suppliers).
  • Screen suppliers and partners: Choose a strategic software partner for your SMMP and a strategic partner for the implementation of your SMMP.
  • Implement, monitor, and revise: Put your communication plan into action and receive companywide buy-in to achieve optimal results. Continually analyze and adjust the program to meet objectives.

Interested in learning more? Get more information with the SMMP Starter Guide.

About Proske
Proske, a Radius Meetings & Events partner, is an event management organization specializing in live marketing and strategic meetings management, with a global client base and events executed in over 70 countries.

Questions? Email René Proske, Managing Director at Proske at Rene.Proske@Proske.com.

Rene Proske, CEO, Proske

When it comes to strategic meeting management, René is the one to know. He’s worked his way through all touchpoints from the ground up, be it operative, marketing, strategy or HR; René really knows what makes a business tick. He’s poured into Proske years of passion and sustained a productive and collaborative environment for all employees.

Before joining Proske, René studied travel and tourism and worked with DER Travel Agencies and Tour Operators as well as landing key roles in global marketing and sales functions within the finance industry.