Proske Joins Radius Travel as Meetings & Events Partner

October 4, 2017

Bethesda, MD, USA

Strategic Partnership Will Provide Meetings & Events Services to Multinational Clients

Radius Travel announced today that Proske, a global event agency with offices in Germany and the US, has joined Radius Travel as Radius’s first pure event management partner in the meetings & events space.

With the addition of Proske, one of the most advanced companies in the SMMP-sector in Europe, Radius Travel is enhancing its global meetings and events strategy for multinational organizations.

“Proske will be an invaluable part of the Radius Global Meetings & Events program,” said Henrietta Balint, Director, Global M&E Sales at Radius Travel. “Their expertise and solutions strengthen the Radius value proposition and contribute to the growth of our business.”

The partnership marks a significant investment by Radius Travel to strengthen its meetings & events framework and deliver control and visibility at the global level, while building and maintaining local market relationships.

Proske is an event management organization specializing in live marketing and strategic meetings management, with a global client base and events executed in over 70 countries. Joining the Radius Travel network will allow Proske to broaden their footprint and serve their clients on a truly global scale. Proske will also be able to benefit from the impressive Radius Hotel Program which again will benefit all existing and future Proske clients.

“We are very glad to announce this step and look forward to a very fruitful cooperation with Radius Travel, which will help both Proske and Radius Travel increase our market position and competitive advantage,” said René Proske, Managing Director at Proske. “This partnership enables Proske to offer local staff around the globe and to provide M&E services more effectively, with local experts in the all the different markets that Radius Travel serves.”

“Our focus is unwaveringly on delivering unique solutions and a solid return on investment to our customers,” added Balint. “Proske’s vision to lead change in the event industry is the perfect match for Radius Travel’s strategic focus on delivering unparalleled value to our customers.”

About Radius Travel

Radius Travel is a global travel management company that designs and delivers programs for multinational companies through a network of best-in-market agencies. The Radius network is made up of over 100 agencies worldwide and manages more than USD 30 billion of annual corporate travel spending. The Radius Global Hotel Program, featuring the world’s leading hotel brands, is one of the largest in the corporate travel market. Radius corporate offices are in Washington, DC, London, Sao Paulo and Singapore.

About Radius Travel Meetings & Events

Radius Travel Meetings & Events, a division of Radius Travel, offers advanced, custom, and global meetings solutions. Our “live globally, think locally” approach allows us to tap into our existing local market relationships worldwide while delivering consistency, data, and strategic support for meetings and events to our multinational clients.

About Proske

Proske is a pioneer of a revolution in the field of events, the heart of which is the strategic approach to live marketing initiatives. The vision of the agency is to inspire the event and marketing industry and to shape its fundamental change in direction. Proske supports its customers in how they use event programs to achieve their local and global goals. The approach is to accompany companies at all stages, thus enabling their outsourcing to the desired degree in a structured and creative way. Proske offers comprehensive services in the field of creativity, logistics and strategy consulting for sustainable strategic meeting management programs (SMMPs). Founded as a family business, Proske is today one of the leading event agencies in Germany and internationally, with more than 100 employees and locations in Rosenheim, Munich New York and Raleigh. More information at

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