November 1, 2018

A current Radius network member recently had a client who was experiencing difficulty getting travelers to follow policy. When the travelers booked outside of policy—by not using preferred vendors or taking the lowest logical fare, for example—the agency’s client experienced lost savings. The client looked to the agency to reduce lost savings while also reducing their travel carbon footprint.

Using the agency’s proprietary Points 2 Points gamification program, the agency rewarded travelers for following the travel policy. Through clear communication and a little departmental competition, the agency encouraged travelers to acquire the most points through policy compliance.

Partnering with the Eden Reforestation Project, travelers redeemed these points to plant trees in deforested areas of Haiti, Nepal, Madagascar, Indonesia, and Ethiopia.

Through quarterly statements to travelers and travel consultants, the agency maintained a healthy departmental competition. They used their Points 2 Points dashboard and pre- and post-trip reporting to monitor traveler booking practices and policy compliance. Through their proprietary reporting, the agency had visibility into lost savings opportunities by department.

Some improvements include:

  • Market share on the agency’s client’s preferred carriers improved by 4%
  • Online adoption increased 5%
  • Use of lowest logical airfare increased 2%
  • Travelers “planted” over 800,000 trees in the program’s first years

The agency’s client’s travel manager has been honored with several awards and speaking opportunities, including as one of BTN’s Top Travel Managers of the Year in 2015.

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