Through our global network of dependable and fully vetted local agencies, we deliver comprehensive international travel management services that are designed to be completely unique to your company. Wherever your travel program takes you, you’ll benefit from a personalized and professional experience of the very highest quality.

Asia Pacific

Continuing strong economic growth in the Asia Pacific region, led by China and Singapore, has transformed this part of the world into one of the most important and busiest business travel destinations today. With outside companies and local enterprises increasing their activity in the area, the need is even greater for ongoing and tailored support. This is where we come in. Our network of local agencies delivers a travel program suited to your exact requirements, allowing you to focus on key business priorities.

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North America

North America remains one of the most important and biggest markets for both native enterprises and international firms headquartered outside of the continent. Whether you’re looking to gain an initial foothold here or preparing to expand your current base of operations, our highly reputable and experienced network of agencies can design global travel programs that offer unrivaled and focused support. We tailor solutions that work for you, every step of the way.

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Home to a wide mix of developed and emerging economies, EMEIA continues to be a strategic destination for businesses looking to effectively manage their international operations. It’s no easy task, given the sweeping differences between countries in the European Union alone. Factor in the Middle East, India, and Africa, and the complexity grows. We’re well aware of these challenges, which is why our network is comprised of agencies with a deep understanding of their markets. You’ll benefit from an informed travel program customized to your particular needs.

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Latin America

There is plenty of activity and transformation underway in Latin America. This rapid change makes the region an interesting prospect for businesses looking to expand globally, with the continent well positioned to deliver a range of opportunities for many years to come. There’s a growing need for new technologies, an ambitious and growing middle class, and ample infrastructure requirements. Whatever your goals, with a network of established agencies providing expert insight and local knowledge, we’re perfectly positioned to support your efforts.

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Is your coverage global?

Yes. We have over 100 partner agencies across 6 continents. Every one of those agencies is a carefully vetted local expert and a shareholder in the Radius Travel business.

How do you ensure consistency across your global network?

Through rigorous vetting, demanding SLAs and deep relationships with our members. Agencies join Radius through a six-step process that ends with board-level approval. Once they join us, they go through an eight-week implementation program that includes data certification and training on our sales, account management and operations processes. Finally, they become shareholders with a vested interest in the reputation and growth of the business. As well as working to the same standards, we’re all working towards the same goal.

What’s your approach to global account management?

We believe account management should be consultative and analytical. Radius global account managers (GAMs) don’t just act as day-to-day contacts. They also proactively monitor client programs for savings opportunities and service issues, consolidating data and feedback from each country. At local level, local account managers work closely with GAMs during the implementation process, and are responsible for adherence to service requirements. Our GAMs are also supported by global analysis specialists, who provide market-leading consultancy on all aspects of a client’s business travel and travel expenditure.