Travel management

Get tips from our resident experts to help you refine every aspect of your corporate travel program, from data insights to dealing with travelers.

eBook: Skills Every Modern Travel Manager Needs to Succeed

in partnership with Travel and Transport

Travel managers and experts from across the business and around the world dig into the details on what successful travel buyers need to know.

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How to manage a midmarket travel program

Where do you start when looking at global consolidation? Where should your key focus areas be, and which elements are more relevant to the “global giants?” Learn what elements will provide you with a strong foundation to implement a travel program that drives value and grants transparency.

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CASE STUDY: policy compliance and greenification

Our Radius network members’ expertise translates to better buy-in from your teams, better experiences for your travelers, and better compliance for your company.  Read about how a multinational client looked to a Radius member agency to reduce lost savings while also reducing their travel carbon footprint.

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CASE STUDY: Category insight into travel management

in partnership with Procurement Leaders

A strategic approach to global travel procurement delivers value and takes away stress

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Do you know the size of your company’s carbon footprint?

Corporate travel, although it may be essential to your business’ needs, does not come without an impact on the environment. Take the guesswork out of carbon emissions tracking with reporting tools

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How to get the most out of your travel data

In the corporate travel world, the mass of data available can be overwhelming. We look at how to get the most from this invaluable resource

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Delivering a successful corporate hotel program

From savings to data, we look at the five essential questions to ask yourself before your next hotel RFP

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The friction effect: How prioritizing savings can backfire

Juggling cost and traveler needs is no mean feat – find out why it’s more important than ever to strike the right balance

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5 reasons to centralize your global travel program

How centralizing your global travel program can help you save, consolidate your data, take better care of your travelers & more

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Meetings and Events

Whether it’s a large-scale conference or an intimate strategic get-together, find out our top tips on meetings and events.

Ready to start your consolidation journey?

You can achieve enormous success when you merge your meetings and travel programs thoughtfully with a thorough, step-by-step, and vetted approach

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How to drive meetings and events success

Learn about the key factors when it comes to developing a successful meetings and events strategy

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Is a meetings management program right for you?

Increase quality, minimize costs, enhance visibility and mitigate risk with strategic meetings management (SMM)

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Regional trends

Our global network gives us some unique insights into corporate travel around the world – check out our latest findings.

Corporate travel strategies in Latin America: To hub or not to hub?

We might refer to Latin America as one territory, but it’s a diverse place – we look at the regional nuances you need to factor in when planning your corporate travel strategy in the region

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