April 23, 2018

by Alicia Weill, Senior Manager, Data Management, Radius Travel

Take the guesswork out of carbon emissions tracking with the help of Radius IQ.

Corporate travel, although it may be essential to your business’ needs, does not come without an impact on the environment. With an increased focus on sustainability, corporations and TMC’s are looking to their data to help guide and shape their corporate travel programs and overall corporate social responsibility missions.

At Radius Travel, our Radius IQ reporting tool makes it easy by calculating your company’s carbon travel footprint for you.

By aggregating data from multiple sources, including our member agencies and suppliers, we consolidate your employee’s post-trip data and capture the distance traveled to give a more accurate estimate of CO2 emissions from air travel, based on the EPA’s Center for Corporate Climate Leadership guidelines. *

In addition to CO2 emissions reporting on air travel, Radius IQ gives you access to customized reporting capabilities that calculate total:

  • hotel stay carbon emissions: based on nights stayed (average electricity, water, utilities)
  • car rental carbon emissions: based on days rented
  • intercity rail and commuter rail emissions

Travel managers equipped with this greenhouse gas emissions data can, in turn, set goals and adjust their corporate travel policies to meet their broader corporate sustainability objectives.

Radius is committed to managing your company’s global travel data and optimizing your travel program. Now you can focus your time on making actionable decisions, instead of worrying about how the data will get to you.

Interested in learning more about what Radius IQ can do for you? Contact us today.

* https://www.epa.gov/climateleadership

Alicia Weill
Senior Manager, Data Management, Radius Travel

Alicia has over 20 years of travel experience in the travel sector. She started in the hotel industry and managed the Global Hotel Directory for a couple of years before moving to the Data Management area, where she has spent the last 9 years.