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Brasil é um dos top 5 mercados para a Radius na Am. Latina / Brazil is one of the top 5 markets for Radius Travel in Latin America

April 22, 2019 3:59 pm Published by

O Brasil está entre os cinco principais mercados para a Radius Travel na América Latina, segundo o diretor sênior para a Rede Global de Agências da Radius, Alex Olsen.

Brazil is among the top five markets for Radius Travel in Latin America, according to Alex Olsen, senior director, global agency network at Radius Travel.

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Veja quem são os participantes do SAP Concur Fusion / See who the participants of SAP Concur Fusion are

March 13, 2019 3:04 pm Published by

Depois de desembarcarem em Los Angeles e conhecerem alguns pontos turísticos da cidade, os participantes da delegação brasileira do SAP Concur Fusion, convidados pela Academia de Viagens, já estão em San Diego, onde o evento será realizado.

After landing in Los Angeles to meet some of the city's sights, participants from the Brazilian delegation of SAP Concur Fusion, invited by the Travel Academy, are already in San Diego, where the event will take place.

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Interview with Nicole Wilcock, Radius Travel

January 7, 2019 1:12 pm Published by

Umbrella is proud to announce its profile management partnership with Radius Travel, probably the best-known global mega-network in travel management.

In this interview, Nicole Wilcock, Senior Director of Global Service Delivery, tells us why the concept of a network of local TMC champions is so successful. Plus, she fills us in on her exciting journey via Royal Air Force plane to her husband’s most unusual birthplace.

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Travel and Transport Takes Full Stake in Radius

October 22, 2018 3:31 pm Published by

Travel and Transport has acquired 100 percent ownership in travel agency network Radius Travel, of which it was a founding member, a longtime equity holder, and an active participant.

Already, Travel and Transport had a controlling, majority stake in the Radius network, which includes more than 100 travel management companies across the globe that partner to acquire and serve clients in markets individual agencies do not reach on their own.

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