In brief


Client requested for us to manage travel for their upcoming program, using one overall registration site.  More than 5,400 attendees would be attending one of eight regional meetings as well as a main customer-facing event.


We created a registration with a separate integrated online booking site for each region, and developed comprehensive reporting for before, during, and post-event.


All data was managed by our team using our Cvent tools and complimentary technologies. We achieved 23% savings for the client.

The details

Comprehensive Reporting 

The client requested that individual attendee data roll up into one complete report defining every attendee associated with a defined program and location along with the housing & flight information.

Our Customized Approach to Meetings Technology

Our team designed a fully integrated event website and mobile app using Cvent’s event registration tool in which all program, flight data, and on-site data was housed.

Extracting Regional Data

We created a registration with a separate integrated online booking site for each region and were able to collect reporting before, during, and post-event through a series of steps:

  • Defined the attendee’s paths based on the attendee’s selected region and developed distinct Concur Meeting sites for online booking relating to each region’s meeting parameters.
  • Assigned one Group Travel Lead to manage the entire air booking process & act as a single point of contact to the planning team.
  • Provided a dedicated phone help desk line for this particular series of meetings, as well as a customized email.
  • Assigned one event project identifier and sub-identifiers for each regional program.
  • Created web-based manifests, ensuring accurate arrival & departure times using proprietary Group Track technology.
  • Group Travel leads traveled on-site with the entire program to monitor attendee data and flights.